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Rajarama Rao from Singapore  [1 posts]
7 year
I have purchased the RR today and am trying to work on the shape match module.
I am following the instructions under this "Shape Matching" and trying to use live camera snap shots to save  the shape files as mentioned in it.
Please see the attached image.
As per my understanding, the images for training purposes are supposed to be saved in the folder " C:\Program Files\Robo realm\objects"

However, I am not able to see any image in this.

Please correct me if some thing is missing in the steps followed by me. Also, do I supposed to see the shape image in the rectangle location as I commented in the attachment by red font?

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year
The training images can be in ANY folder that you specify in the training dialog. It defaults to c:\Program Files\RoboRealm\objects but that is most likely NOT the folder you want to use. Normally this folder is protected such that you cannot write into it anyhow. So chose something perhaps on your desktop that you can place files into.

Note, the shape matching REQUIRES black and white images. If you do not threshold the image in some way the module will NOT work.

Yes, when matched, you will see the best shape that matched in that window. For more information look at the tutorial:


Note the use of c:\Temp\Shape_Matching as the training folder.


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