what is COG_X in auto image calibration
pat from United States  [13 posts]
7 year
in automatic image calibration dialog box, what is the calibration type: COG_X COG_Y? I do not see description in help.
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year
These are just variables generated by the Center of Gravity module:


that would undergo transformation in the calibration module. The point is that the variables can be created and then transformed into calibrated values by the module. Naturally, if you first calibrate the image and then run other modules you don't need to do this ... but transforming the entire image into a calibrated one is more time consuming that just transforming a couple variables. So it depends on what you are doing (high speed requirements or not) as to when you would perform calibration.

The variables are just there for examples and are NOT required as part of the calibration process.


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