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JAHEERUDDIEN SHAIK from United Kingdom  [3 posts]
8 year
Dear Steven,

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Can I use external input (Like a word or letter typed from key board) in VB script of Robo realm programs? For example can user give input through key board like his name or country or left and right etc... If possible could you suggest the commands for that.

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Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

You can use the Keyboard_Read module to create variable triggers based on keys pressed, i.e. set variable "direction" to "left" when the "l" key is pressed. These allow for a set number of keys to trigger variables being set that can then be used in the VBscript module. What you can't really do is to allow the use to enter an unknown string like their country as a form of user input. As RoboRealm is more of a command program, data entry via the keyboard isn't really what it was designed for.

User entered data would be better done in an external application that then calls RR for the parts that it is designed for. See the API/DLL for more information on that.



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