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Sriprada from India  [5 posts]
8 year
I am using webcam for image processing.So i change the resolution of my camera to 320*240 from 640*480 default settings and save it. But each time i run roborealm the default setting of camera that is 640*480 appears. How do i save my camera settings as i cant keep changing it each time.
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 8 year

Not saving the settings is a common issue in a lot of webcams. Try adding the Camera Properties module to configure your camera. Once that module is in the pipeline and you rerun it, it will configure the camera back to the way you want it.


Sriprada from India  [5 posts] 8 year
Thank you Steven for your reply.
I am using Logitech webcam C170 for my project and i inserted the module Cameraproperties and saved the required 320x240 resolution in the module.But when i rerun the program i see the resolution unchanged at 640x480 and the frame rate decreased and also the webcam starts blinking.I checked all the settings in module but nothing seems to work.
Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 7 year

There was a problem in that module. It was not setting the size correctly. On verification the system would detect the incorrect size and restart the connection. This has been fixed in the latest version just uploaded today. Can you download and verify that the led light stays solid and not blinking on the webcam?

Sriprada from India  [5 posts] 7 year
Thanks a lot Steven.I am pretty happy that its working really fine now without any problem, the camera lights are no more blinking.
Another glitch was found in the "Sparkfun Mega" module wherein the variables name in the "Servo(PWM) tab" was found to have been not saving after reboot of program also is fixed in this updated version.
So two problems solved in one shot.Thanks a lot buddy.

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