AVM navigator and APM 2.5
9 year
I have read through some posts and learnt that we can interface APM 2.5 with roborealm. I have few doubts:
1. When APM 2.5 is connected to the motherboard, where in Roborealm will it show that it is connected??

2. Is there a different code to be uploaded into APM 2.5, for it to communicate with roborealm?

3. In the examples shown, for example the gate detection video, what are the hardware used and especially the motor driver?

Steven Gentner from United States  [273 posts] 9 year

1. Unfortunately, we've not had the opportunity to connect an APM to a laptop for the purpose of integration. I would expect that when connected one would look for a serial connection to be established (assuming here is sort of looks like an Arduino).

2. There will most likely need to be some code changes to the APM in order for a protocol to be established. I would look to see that perhaps the APM is ALREADY sending a text stream over the serial connection which would be read by the serial module. You will not know without investigating the APM code or just testing it on a PC.

3. I'm not sure what motor driver was used (the module is not produced by us). Most likely something that connects directly to RR since it is RR controlling the motor driver.

Anonymous 9 year
Thanks Steve,

Since I have a brief understanding to this module. I would like to know if I can take, for example,the NV_LEFT OR NV_RIGHT NV_RIGHT outputs and convert it servo PWM i.e., between 500 to 2500 and call it into arduino??
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year
Yes, that is certainly possible. The AVM module creates those variables with the expectation of another module using those values to control something. You can use the Scale_Variable module to scale the AVM results into servo values that you would then populate in the Sparkfun_Arduino module on the appropriate pin/channel. The Sparkfun_Arduino module expects a certain script to be running on the Arduino in order for it to know how to communicate to the PC. The needed code is on the documentation page for the Arduino at


Anonymous 9 year
I am still having my doubts, can you send me a sample program for a clear understanding?

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