Brandon from Armenia  [1 posts]
9 year
My nxt brick is currently running the robotC firmware on it, this is different from the nxt firmware that comes out of the box. My aim is to make a path planning robot, exactly like the one on your tutorials. The only difference however, is that I don't wish to control any of the motors or sensors through the roborealm interface. All I would like roborealm to do is to send and receive 2 variables, the current orientation of the robot, and the desired orientation. The robotC program will then use these variables to correctly orient the robot so it reaches its location. Is this possible, and if so, how would I do it?
Steven Gentner from United States  [1446 posts] 9 year

This should be possible. What you will have to find out is what robotC has in terms of serial interface to the NXT over bluetooth. I would expect that it has this capability to read in information via this serial interface. Assuming this is the case you can then use the


module and specify

[COG_X] [COG_Y]<cr><lf>

in the send box of the serial module. That assumes that the two variables you want to send are COG_X and COG_Y ... if not then change those to what you want to send. Once you config the right port (bluetooth) in this module it should be transmitting that ascii text to the NXT.

On the NXT side with robotC you would then read in a line (terminated by newline) and break that using a space into the two values.


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