Ball Spin Calculation
Arif Rahman from Malaysia  [10 posts]
10 year
Hi all,

Can you give me some advice on a project I'm working on? I am designing a system that could measure the spin of a ball ie how much a moving ball is spinning, not just translating.

I've done some reading on this subject, and have found a few techniques to do it. One of it is to look for a specific pattern on the ball, and then compare the orientation of the pattern between frames. The difference in the pattern's orientation could be used to calculate the spin.

So I'm wondering what are the modules that I could use in RoboRealm to do this. I think pattern recognition might take a bit too much time for the system to be real-time, so maybe just arbitrary points or corners? But how will it know that it is comparing the same corner? I think the patterns have to be designed well too then?

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)


CubaMadre from Germany  [12 posts] 10 year
Hi Arif,

the modul 'Optical_Flow' comes in mind...

Arif Rahman from Malaysia  [10 posts] 10 year
Hi CubaMadre,

Hmm thats a good idea actually... extract just the ball from the image, and then do optical flow for a couple of frames. I think thats not the 'conventional' way of doing it, but hey, if it works, it works, right? I'll try it out and will let u know.


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