Propeller servo controller
Frankie  [4 posts]
12 year
I am going to buy a Propeller servo controller and I am going to make my own platform But... I want to know how to make the robot follow me with Roborealm with a webcam, I would need roborealm to control the servo controller so both servos go foward, The left servo goes straight for turning right, Ect. Thanks!
Anonymous 12 year
Have a look at the tutorials at


Anonymous 12 year
yes but I want it to drive on its own
Anonymous 12 year
Can you clarify what you mean by "drive on its own"?

Anonymous 12 year
autonomous like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbCpthKrL0o
Anonymous 12 year
this is another thread I made ( for the same project) http://www.roborealm.com/forum/index.php?thread_id=4465#
Anonymous 12 year
Sounds like you are asking about a lot of basics before you are ready for vision. Perhaps you can browse


and get the basics done. Once you are ready then working with the AVM module for navigation will be appropriate.

This is more of a vision site rather than a basic mechatronics site.

Anonymous 12 year
so its impossible?? I belive I can do it, I have 2 continuous servos and im ready to make it, All I need is instructions on how to program it
Syfy from Netherlands  [18 posts] 12 year
someting simple to test your drive setup

maybe your bot goes crazy, but let me know how this works out  for you.
baisd on 352x288 cam res, and track red object.
(this is a example of the way im controlling my servos.)
i cant help with the avm module,im not yet using it.

Jape from United States  [16 posts] 12 year

Awhile back you replied to one of my post "OCR" and posted up a file that you compiled to use for an OCR application.  Long story short I'm trying to cover some of my tracks and protect my work (didn't realize I would need to do this).  Now I've had STeven remove all of my post and he won't remove any post made by others without their consent.  With that said is it possible for you to please email him and have him remove (just) the files you posted up on the "OCR" thread.  I would greatly appreciate your help.  

P.S.(This is the only way I could get in touch with you)


Frankie  [4 posts] 12 year
And Could I get a donation license key im only 13 and have no money XD ...

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