Does RoboRealm use PC processor's SIMD instructions?
David Ackley from United States  [4 posts]
12 year
I was wondering if some of the RoboRealm modules take advantage of Intel's/AMD's SIMD instructions.
Anonymous 12 year

Yes, some of the modules so take advantage of SIMD instructions but this  is kept to a minimum since some of the Atom (netbook) processors do not support this capability.

Are you looking for additional throughput on any module in particular?

David Ackley from United States  [4 posts] 12 year

Thanks for the reply.

The specific modules I'm interested in are Blur (mean filter and gaussian blur), RGB filter, and COG modules on a Core 2 processor.

My Robot:
Objective - detects a colored target at a distance and drives up to it. My initial starting point is to use RoboRealm Tutorial: "Color Object Tracking", which first applies a Blur (mean filter or gaussian blur), then a RGB filter, followed by the COG module.

When the robot first starts out, the target will appear very small because of the distance. So I'll probably will need to use a fairly high resolution image (1280x960 or 640x480) to be able to detect/find the target at a distance and a high frame rate to not loose sight of the target while driving up to it. Thus I expect to need the Blur (mean filter and/or gaussian blur), RGB filter, and COG modules to run as fast as possible on a high resolution image.

I'm expecting I'll have to use something like a Core 2 processor to get the performance I'll need for this robot.

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