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Raj from FJ  [5 posts]
13 year
Actually i have few questions since i am new to this software. First, is it possible to do path planning using roborealm  with the camera installed on the robot instead of up in the ceiling?

Which is the best motor controller to be used with roborealm? Is it good to control motors through serial window of roborealm or using external microprocessor such as Arduino?

This will be a great assistance for my project which i would like to start in a few months.

Anonymous 13 year
Have a look at


which describes what you are asking about.

Its better to use a motor controller other than the PC to control motors. You will get more consistent performance with a dedicated device than trying to get the PC to perform this near realtime task. Using an Arduino is possible but you have to watch the mA as the Arduino will not produce much ... most either use the Sabertooth line of motor controllers or get a board that has more amps to use for the motors (like the Pololu SVP, Serializer, etc. )

Raj from FJ  [5 posts] 13 year
Thanks Steven. This will surely help me alot.

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