Road or path detection
Mano from Netherlands  [27 posts]
12 year
My robot will use gps to drive to a certain location. Now i want it to recognize roads and paths/sidewalks. So that he doesn't go through the grass while there is a road next to it. How can i do this?
Anonymous 12 year

That's a very tricky problem. You would have to identify what about the road makes it unique wrt the grass. For example, color is a good one and normally avoiding green will keep you off the grass. You can also sometimes use the lack of color (see Back Mask of RGB filter with Color checkbox selected) to detect roads as they are normally black or gray i.e. without any color.

If you paste a couple images here we can probably get you started in the right direction.

Another competition that you might find interesting as they have a similar task is the Mini Grand Challenge


Also have a look at the floor finder module:



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