Object Tracking And Triggering
seesoe  [8 posts]
13 year
hello, im working on a wifi rover that has a computer for rr to run.

the rover's controller has 1 channel for forward reverse, 1 channel for left and right, and 1 channel for accessories. i have also built a paintball turret with a servo relay that triggers the gun. im using the pololu maestro 6 servo controller

i want to use rr as the main control software for the robot but im fairly new to rr's programing so i have a few questions, i have attached my robo file to show where im at

- for the turret, does the camera have to be mounted on the gun? or could i mount it on the rovers frame?

- i want rr to automatically detect red objects and move the rover/turret towards it. but then when i press a button i want it to give full control through the joystick. i tried to use the control->button module but i couldn't get it to work, because of the scripts looping nature. if you could take a look at my vbscript and assist me.

- also how can i make rr shoot the object that is being tracked?

any questions or comments are greatly appropriated.

thank you
seesoe  [8 posts] 13 year
any help?
EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
You can try to use AVM Navigator for recognition:

See also:

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