srv1 motors control
Fabio Farina from Italy  [4 posts]
14 year
hi steven, my name is fabio and I want to ask your help because I'm using roborealm for the thesis at the University and I'm working with srv1 Blackfin, which is mounted on two motors, pan and tilt. The problem is that I do not know what control do I use to move the motors.I thank you in advance.
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 14 year
I don't completely understand your question.  There is a module to interface to the SRV1 robot with documentation located here:
The module is setup to control the differential drive motors and pull images off the blackfin camera through the commport.  (or Wifi)
It sounds like the camera is mounted on a pan and tilt.  If these are just connected to the SRV1 through the IO pins, you can control them directly from the module (you will need to read the documentation on this interface)

good luck!
Fabio Farina from Italy  [4 posts] 14 year
Thank you for your reply. I send you three photos of my robot.
The problem is that the robot has to follow a laser pointer, and then I have to control pan and tilt.
These engines are connected how TRM6 and TRM7 (servos2), as you can see in the photo "srv13". there, you can see three cables, a red cable (the mass) on the right, and two cables together (black and orange) on the left of the red cable. If  the black-orange cable is moved a step to the right, the motors are connected how TRM2 and TRM3 (servos)  
With Roborealm, I'm using the controller srv1-b, but I do not understand which is the command that allows me to control pan and tilt in the TRM6/7 position.
When I connect the motors in the TRM2/3 position, I can move them using the "left motor" and  "right motor" commands in the principal interface.
Unfortunately, pan and tilt do not work properly in this mode.
If you have further questions contact me. thanks again concerned.

Anonymous 14 year

Do any of the SRV protocol commands using their interface work with your setup?


Note that the motors are little DC motors whereas your servos would be PWM controlled. Those two control systems are not compatible!

You may want to check with Surveryor as to which commands could be used to control TRM6/7 and if they actually output PWM.

Fabio Farina from Italy  [4 posts] 14 year
Do you know any software that i can use?
thanks again
Fabio Farina from Italy  [4 posts] 14 year
il comando del protocollo SRVche pilota TRM6/7 รจ

direct servo control of 2nd bank of servos (TMR6 and TMR7)
'ab' parameters sent as 8-bit binary
a=left servo setting (0x00-0x64), b=right servo setting (0x00-0x64)
servo settings are 8-bit binary values, representing timing pulse widths ranging from 1ms to 2ms. 0x00 corresponds to a 1ms pulse, 0x64 corresponds to a 2ms pulse, and 0x32 is midrange with a 1.5ms pulse
Anonymous 14 year
This was finally added to the Servos tab of the SRV1b module interface.


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