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Pre-Script:  DOH, I have been busy reading source code and samples from the API folder and NOT your excellent documentation.  I now realize you have done most of the stuff I need as far as I can tell.  I will get busy modifying the RR_API class to include the new functions I want which you have already implemented.

Original dumb message:

"The RR API is super of course and everyone should use it.  I have been working with it for about 8 months now and there it seems like there are a couple of things missing that might go in that giant "future work" list:

1. Turn off specific modules via the API (IE the same functionality as the "disable button"   My current work around is to modify my XML file and then make the roborealm execute call.  This works, but it is slow to update.
2.  Delete specific modules via the API  (Likewise the Delete button) Again the work around is the same.
3.  Insert specific modules via the API. If there was the ability to turn off specific modules (IE 1 above) then the user could initially specify all possible modules and then turn them on and off programmatically.  This still has the same work around as 1 above.
4.  It would be nice to have the API make available the approximate processing load for each module (the numbers on the right hand side of the window.)  Or is this already available as a parameter addressed by module_name and number?"

What do you think?
Anonymous 13 year
Thanks for all the updates on the API!  I am getting the hang of wrapping the new API bits into the RR_API module for python.  
I like that I can move and resize the roborealm window.  It just gets better and better!
I spent part of the morning working with QR codes.  It seems like this is one of the primary standards for 2D barcodes.  I spent some time trying to wrap a qr_codec inside roborealm using the inline python but had some problems with compiling the dlls to be used with ctypes required for the codec.  Not a problem with roborealm but rather visual studio.    It was a bit silly anyway.  It would have meant python calling opencv from within roborealm.  :-(

Still I want to look at using QR codes as fiducials.

have fun,

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