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Gus S. Calabrese from United States  [1 posts]
14 year
#1   Where is RoboRealm located ?
#2   How do you buy the software ?
#3   How much is the software ?
#4   Are there individual and multi-user licenses ?
#5   Went to Club-Workshop on 20090917.
              The sound was like being in an echo chamber.  I understood maybe 50%.  The
               microphone did not help.
              The demo was unpolished and ( for me ) boring.
               I love ya Steven .... do you think you could spiff up your presentation ?
                      Lots of your demo seemed to be about things that don't work.
Anonymous 14 year
#1. We are located all over the USA. As a software company we have a distributed company structure so we don't have a physical location. I'm currently residing in Denver.

#2. To buy the software you go to the purchase page and follow the Buy button into Paypal.


#3. The software costs $89 for a single license. Please contact us for student/classroom discounts.

#4. The $89 is for a single machine installation. Multi-user discounts are available on request depending on the number of users. More users = more discounts.

#5. Thanks for the feedback. ClubWorkshop is aware of the sound issue and currently working towards improving the acoustics in the meeting area. Sorry you found the demo boring ... it is a little hard to present to such a diverse set of people (Maker group) and keep everyone interested. We constantly make tweaks and improvements to our demos and try to keep things current and interesting (I don't like presenting the same stuff over and over). However, in doing so I often present systems that have never been tested in the presentation location or been presented before an audience before. This causes problems during demos but it is a risk we are willing to take to keep trying to push innovation and show something new ... even if most folks have never seen RoboRealm before and any demo would be "new to them". :-)

Thanks for your honest feedback! Much appreciated!


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