Waiting for a new image
mehdi from Iran  [32 posts]
14 year
in roborealm API functions,the function "Waiting for a new image" have not any timeout variable.
itested it and i think the default time out is 5000 ms.
its a good idea to define a timeout variable as an input for this module.
mehdi from Iran  [32 posts] 14 year
i think a frame count variable is a good aidea for implement this function.
but i can not find frame count variable in RR.
any one can help me?
Anonymous 14 year
The wait new image API call now understands a timeout parameter. Let us know what language you are using so we can be sure that the API examples include that. Regardless, the API protocol has been updated and will understand a timeout value.

See IMAGE_COUNT variable at the bottom of


for a frame count. Note you could also have created this using the VBScript module.


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