Rovio on RoboRealm
Andy Cullen from Ireland  [3 posts]
14 year
I just got a Rovio in college and have gotten it working. Now I want to get RoboRealm working with it. I have read through the bits on your website but am still unsure of how to actually get it working. Is there going to be a tutorial on this soon? Or could you give me the first few steps to get it up and going.

Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 14 year
Very briefly.

Open Roborealm.

Goto Control -> Robots -> WowWee_Rovio

Make sure your info is correct in the connection box.  (Use the same info you used for using Rovio software)

Connect to the Rovio and try the buttons in the Roborealm App.

Now do your roborealm stuff.  My rovio hasn't arrived yet, but when it does I will put up a more detailed tutorial.  

Also check:

have fun!

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