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Program not starting
The roborealm program issn't starting anymore after working fine the first time. It gives me a "encouterd a problem and needs ...
17 year 3 2188
Program not starting [3]
Hey STeven, I haven't found this method so soon. Thank you. I have said it before, and will say it ...
17 year 3 2188
My First Attemp [16]
Hey Andrew and Steven. I've got an frame rate 'issue' as well. Well I didn't thought it was an issue but more ...
17 year 18 6746
My First Attemp [18]
Hey steven, I wouldn't have thought that the (indeed slow for standards) infrared communication was a limiting fa...
17 year 18 6746
Fixed! [3]
Hey steven! The new fix works fine! I thank you alot for making the time to respond to my problem, and even better...
17 year 3 2397
partial movement RCX 2.0
I've got a problem with the movement of my RCX. I combined the programs for 'red objects recognition' with the 'Lego program...
17 year 3 2397

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