partial movement RCX 2.0
Henk from Netherlands  [6 posts]
17 year
I've got a problem with the movement of my RCX. I combined the programs for 'red objects recognition' with the 'Lego program'.
Then I discoverd that not all the movement assignments were working, so I simplified the programcode to isolate the problem.

This is an image of my RCX moving left, when the object is at the left side of the screen. This works fine.

But when I'm telling to let it move right, the program works fine, but the RCX doesn't move.

And I'm sure that the hardware works fine, but when setting motor#3 with this script, none of the motor ports on the RCX activate.
Does anyone has a (partial) solution?
I thank you in advance!
Anonymous 17 year

We detected and error that when motor1 is 0 then motor2 is not set correctly. Either try using motor1 or download RoboRealm v again (we just uploaded a fix) and try again.

Thanks for the note.
Henk from Netherlands  [6 posts]
17 year
Hey steven!
The new fix works fine! I thank you alot for making the time to respond to my problem, and even better, fixing it!
Keep on doing such a great job, its being much apreciated!
With greets from Holland!

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