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Running Roborealm [11]
STeven, Thank you very much for linking my project. Yes, it is inspire...
17 year 12 3725
+-100 tested earlier [3]
STeven Actually, I have already tested with values up to +-100, the problem persisted.
17 year 18 6744
My First Attemp
STeven, Finally, I had time over the weekend to fiddle with RR, however it was not quite successful...
17 year 18 6744
second step [9]
STeven BB Vision Platform (BBVP) can now tilt (motor A) and pan left and right (motor B and C) fair...
17 year 18 6744
Woops! [4]
STeven, I loaded NXT Firmware 1.04 and it solved my communication problem. Now I can get the cam mo...
17 year 18 6744

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