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Shape match and orientation... difficulties
Hi, I'm trying to find a triangle's location and orientation using shape match. I started with a ...
11 year 10 3415
Very nice... Works well! [5]
That works well!   Lighting seems to be very important for consistant results, which is e...
17 year 5 3407
Almost there... [3]
Thanks for the try Chas.  That does work well for the black speck. I would like to get the color picker ...
17 year 5 3407
I'll take a stab at it.... [2]
For the multiple cameras I would try the Mosaic tool under Transforms.  A couple of clicks and you can get 2 cameras u...
17 year 3 2940
Thought! [6]
Nick, it just dawned on me... in order for me to see the variables in the watch window I have to press the keys at least once to...
17 year 8 2893
Keys working now [5]
I tested out my test key setup and it ran fine.  It worked on existing variables and will initiate new variable made i...
17 year 8 2893

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