Multiple Camera outputs
Rohit  [1 posts]
17 year
Hi there,
               I am a new user of Roborealm. I have two questions regarding the software:

1. I am using two USB cameras for one of my applications. Is there any way I could see live video output of both the cameras at the same time??? If yes, how can I accomplish this??

2. I want to generate crosswires on my screen shot so that I could alight registation marks on my sample with these. Is there an easy way to do this???

       Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I'll take a stab at it....
Pete  [6 posts]
17 year
For the multiple cameras I would try the Mosaic tool under Transforms.  A couple of clicks and you can get 2 cameras up on screen.  It works with up to 16 cameras.

Registration marks... let' see.  Here's a part.  A circuit board.

We want to align it to a certain part of the screen with some target lines.
I'd draw them and save them as a separate image.

Then load the image into the program and give it a name using the marker tool.  It's a pointer that you can use to say, "go get me that picture from ealier on".  It's like a variable to store a snapshot of the view.  Now use the image Math tool to AND the two pictures (or the target picture and the source camera feed) together.

Here are the settings when using two pictures if you don't have a camera set up.

And here are the settings for a live feed.

A file is attached. You'll have to redirect the load command to point to where ever you save the pictures.

Hope that helps.


You got it!
17 year

I don't have much to add on this one ... Pete you got it. Nice Job!


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