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AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released [17]
Hello EDV I was able to connect my robot using the program that you have suggested to me earlier. B...
12 year 18 5494
AVM Navigator v0.7.3 is released [8]
Hi EDV I have prepared a RR file to connect to my arduino. Is this the way to connect the robot to ...
12 year 18 5494
Sparkfun_Mega [21]
Thank you Steven. You are a life saver. Hope this will help others as well. Thanks fo...
12 year 19 2796
Sparkfun_Mega [6]
Well this is what i have came up with to communicate from RR to arduino using serial module which is faster for me. This script ...
12 year 19 2796
vanishing point with obstacle avoidance tutorial [2]
hey there Steven I was hoping if you can provide the tutorial for vanishing point navigation with o...
12 year 2 1886
Sign Recognition [2]
Hi. I have developed a mobile robot which follows line marked on the floor, basically line following robot using RR. I would lik...
12 year 3 3455
Arduino Mega Module [2]
Hi I am working on obstacle avoidance using Arduino. The problems is as soon as i add arduino Mega module to my pr...
12 year 2 2188
Communicating from roborealm to arduino [4]
Thanks spacehermit Its quite lengthy but manage to get the main points. ...
12 year 3 3731
Communicating from roborealm to arduino [2]
Hi Everyone I have started with a new project called vision based mobile robot for obstacle avoidance and path fol...
12 year 3 3731

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