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AR Drone [2]
PUKU on the AR Drone 2 projects forum: (https://projects.ardrone.org/boards/1/topics/show/4957#message-5046) has just released a...
11 year 1 1882
AR Drone 2 [3]
The SDK for the Drone 2 has been released.  I hope you will consider supporting it with Roborealm.
12 year 2 1935
AR Drone 2 [2]
Are there plans to include the Parrot AR Drone 2? Seems like it would be amazing to fly it under control of RoboR...
12 year 2 1935
Meade DSI II [2]
Any chance of adding support for Meade DSI II astronomical cameras? Seems like RoboRealm would be a perfect fit for both process...
12 year 1 1899
AVM Object Recognition [4]
Yes! That works great. Thank you very much. I wouldn't have considered using VB Scr...
13 year 3 5230
AVM Object Recognition [2]
When I use the AVM plugin I, having problems accessing the variable NV_ARR_OBJ_IDX. I'm trying to get RoboRealm/AVM to recogniz...
13 year 3 5230

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