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usb connection to parallax board of education [2]
I've been looking for a working solution on how to communicate with a Parallax board of education and the basic stamp 2 using a...
14 year 2 2301
LynxBot [2]
I decided to build a small robot so I could test software for my large 300 lb robot Ethel. I built this little guy using a Lynxm...
14 year 1 5615
Unstable variable assignments [4]
OK, STeven. Here's the .robo file for the joystick and the scc32 board. I'm going to try running...
14 year 7 3900
Unstable variable assignments [2]
I have been using Robo Realm to control My 300 lb robot Ethel. I keep having problems with the variable names changing in the mo...
14 year 7 3900

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