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Looking for help with vision [2]
Hi, i posted that kind of question before but here i go again. I do exhibit-technique, machinery an...
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Dream Cheeky [4]
Maybe they just need a little help, from you... They must spend hundreds of hours on unnecessary support, wich the...
15 year 3 1641
Dream Cheeky [2]
Compliments to you at Roborealm for succeeding with the module for the missile thing! Dream Cheeky did NOT and the...
15 year 3 1641
EB500 Boe Bot [2]
Hello! I am trying to get communication between Roborealm and the Boe-Bot BS2 trhough the eb500-SR bluetooth modul...
15 year 5 2597
EB500 Boe Bot [6]
I did ommit the whiskers and the IR detector circuit, can that have anything to do with my problem?...
15 year 5 2597
EB500 Boe Bot [5]
I ran the http://www.roborealm.com/forum...
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EB500 Boe Bot [4]
Thanks! I will try to go through it but it seemed complicated for a guy like me *S* Cheers!
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Looking for a partner [2]
Hi! I am looking for a talented, AI, streaming video analysis and mechatronic skilled person to take part in proje...
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