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Roborealm with C# [9]
Here is some code from an old program of mine that tracks a color.       private voi...
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smartphone with roborealm [3]
Post some details. Phone app name, what did you have to do to get it working? How did you send commands? Ringo...
12 year 5 2043
Tracking 3 colors [6]
Because a single color shirt would confuse the robot any time I walked past an object nearly the same color. If it was a green s...
13 year 7 3502
Tracking 3 colors [4]
I posted the wrong robo file. oops...
13 year 7 3502
Tracking 3 colors [3]
I think I have it working, at least with a still pic, I'll test the video later. The robo file is attached. Is there a way to d...
13 year 7 3502
Tracking 3 colors [2]
I want to track a shirt that I made with 3 distinct colors on it. Red, Blue, and green. You helped me with this about a year ago...
13 year 7 3502
Tracking colors [2]
I have a filter I made a couple years ago to track a Tshirt. It should only track the color green when it is bordered by Red and...
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How to track a person [7]
Steve, I just downloaded the latest version of Roborealm, and now my colored shirt tracker no longer works. Even if I use the ro...
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How to track a person [5]
OK, I think I get it now. So you have the first blob to track then the 2 nearest. I was assuming it was like object 1 then next ...
15 year 12 5673
How to track a person [3]
Take a look at the attached pics. I created a picture in paint. It is red,green. and blue blocks all touching each other.
15 year 12 5673
How to track a person
I would like to be able to have a robot track me and follow me around. If I were a Blue t-shirt and set it up to follow a big bl...
15 year 12 5673
Laser Detection? [6]
Can roborealm do the image subtraction mentioned here? If so can somoene explain how or post a file? I'd like to try it with a ...
16 year 15 5055
Laser Detection? [15]
Thanks, That is pretty cool. Ringo ...
16 year 15 5055
Laser Detection? [12]
I'm trying to figure out how to use the marker. If I place the camera on my desk so I can see video from it and t...
16 year 15 5055
Laser Detection? [8]
I'll give that a try tonight. 1 thing I have done in the past is to use a red plastic filter over the camera to help pick out a...
16 year 15 5055
C# questions [9]
Showing the picture in C# is much easier than I thought. I was trying to use getImage then put that in a picturebox, but it is n...
16 year 10 4081
C# questions
I can start the camera and set up a green filter using rr.execute("<head><version>1.50</version>...
16 year 10 4081
Update rate
I have a webcam on a pantilt hooked up to a serializer (www.roboticsconnection.com). I have a c# app getting the COG of a green ...
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PPM files
I'm going by your C# example. I created a project and a form with 2 buttons. The first button does
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Extensions VS API
I'm a Hardware guy, but I do C Fw for Pics and some VB on the PC. I'm learning C#, what woudl be easier for me to start with, ...
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