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webServer Index help [2]
Hi all im having trouble punting images on the index.html to show on the webserver, if i put the image whit a link form a websit...
14 year 10 2421
Roborealm on Robocup [2]
Hi all myself and some 12grade students are building 2 robots that will participate in a National Robotics Competition and event...
14 year 2 1804
How to Check if a specific fiducial is pressent?
I all Im trying to overlay some pictures over specific fiducial, its easy if there is only one pressend as i can j...
15 year 0 2189
New way to 360 vision [4]
Apart from my request this is one of the applications. I have a robot whit 22cm of Diameter and 22cm maximo tall (...
15 year 4 2514
New way to 360 vision [2]
Hi all (again) today i stumble in these link ...
15 year 4 2514
Version Check [2]
Hi i have a request that i think would help every one, Roborealm is a fantastic program an is updating in a fast pace.
15 year 1 2006
Windows Mobile [5]
Plz do the port, whit the compact frame work it should be so dificul and it woud expand the possibility is reali small autonomou...
15 year 4 2988
Traking IR Ball
wi all, again :) im still working on image processing and still love RR and now my teacher gave me a new task.
16 year 2 2917

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