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Danh from United States  [79 posts]
15 year
Can RoboRealm run on Windows Mobile (Windows CE 6.0)? If not, are there any plans?

Anonymous 15 year

No, currently RoboRealm does not work on Windows CE as it requires a lot of win32, directx, etc. technology only available in Win98, Win2000, XP and Vista.

We currently do not have any plans to provide a port. Perhaps if we get enough requests for this feature we will investigate what it would take to get RoboRealm to run on CE but for now that is not under current development.

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 15 year

I know that Microsoft Robotics Studio 1.5 supports Windows Mobile. Some reference about it being ported to the .NET compact framework running on Mobile devices. I figure this port from MS indicates that they see Mobile as a viable target platform for robots (hence perhaps a future need for vision on these bots).
Ricardo Sampaio from Portugal  [7 posts] 15 year
Plz do the port, whit the compact frame work it should be so dificul and it woud expand the possibility is reali small autonomous robots

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