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crash in PreTranslateMessage [4]
managed to get the debug dll to load and the crash is still in the same place ( now on the assert() rather than just memory acce...
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RRmodule and MS.net 2005 [3]
I can't tell where the exception on exit is occuring. Comes up as inside ntdll which is not much help.
16 year 11 2587
RRmodule and MS.net 2005
I have been trying to get the dll extension working with RR. I am using MS VS 2005. To start with I ...
16 year 11 2587
RRmodule and MS.net 2005 [10]
Steven   That's great, all seems to be working well with the dll now. One little problem that I'm sure...
16 year 11 2587
files posted to file-upload.com [7]
http://files-upload.com/files/511424/RoborealmExtensions.zip This contains both the release and deb...
16 year 11 2587
zip file with built rrmodule
Hope this helps Thanks Alan ...
16 year 1 2633
No Title
Here is a zip file of the extensions directory. I was building the dll straight into the Roborealm directory, but have put it ba...
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