RGB Math

The RGB Math module provides you with a way to perform arithmetic operations between the color channels within the current image. This module is similar to the Color Normalization module in that it can highlight certain colors with an image. By using color channels the resulting image can be made much less sensitive to light changes.



1. Select the appropriate Color Channel #1 and Channel #2 on which to perform the function. Note that the functions below are performed on two channels within the same image.

2. Select the appropriate function used to combine the two images.

Add Channel #1 + Channel #2
Subtract Channel #1 - Channel #2
Multiply Channel #1 * Channel #2
And Channel #1 & Channel #2 (binary AND)
Or Channel #1 | Channel #2 (binary OR)
XOr Channel #1 ^ Channel #2 (binary XOR)
Maximum if Channel #1 > Channel #2 then result = Channel #1 else result = Channel #2
Minimum if Channel #1 < Channel #2 then result = Channel #1 else result = Channel #2
Difference | Channel #1 - Channel #2 | (Absolute value of subtraction)
Divide Channel #1 / Channel #2

3. Select the appropriate divisor and bias.

Divisor - divides the function's result by the specified amount.
Bias - added to the function's result.


Source ImageRed / Green
 Download the robofile used to generate the above image.

Notice the orange cone above that is now highlighted in the Red / Green image?

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