Image Masking

The Mask module allows you combine two images together based on the intensity of another image (i.e. the mask). Using this module you can create greenscreen, bluescreen, etc effects that combine live images with background still images.


RoboRealm mask image module interface


1. Select image #1 to mask. This image will typically be the source image that is acquired using your webcam or digitizer.

2. Select the mask to apply to #1 before merging with image #2. The mask is an image that has typically been thresholded or processed in some way as to indicate a certain area within image #1. For example, an image with all pixels below intensity 50 removed can be used as a mask.

3. Select image #2. This is the image that is combined with image #1 based on the mask to create the final combined image.

The 'source' and 'current' image selections are always present. source always refers to the image that is either loaded into RoboRealm or is acquired from your video camera. current always refers to the image that has be processed up to this point in the processing pipeline. Other names that are seen in the dropdowns come from markers that are setup elsewhere in the pipeline that indicate different images or images at a different processing step.


SourceRed Masked

Click here to download the robo-file that converts the image to gray except for red areas.

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