The Leaf Robot Project

RoboRealm is happy to announce a new API connection to LISP and to The Leaf Project.

The Leaf Project is an open source implementation of an artificial life program based loosely on the game Creatures. The project started as an AI emotion-based program and has grown to include several vision capabilities including face recognition and other capabilities such as speech understanding and generation. You can find more information about the Leaf Project at http://www.leafproject.org/.

The Leaf Robots share a common code based and some hardware components but each Leaf robot's appearance is very different from the rest. If you are a hobbyist robot engineer and you're looking to create an interactive robot be sure to have a look at the Leaf Project.

Instructions for connecting to RoboRealm from Leaf

1. Download the RoboRealm API.
2. Unzip to a temporary folder
3. Look for the Lisp->RR_API.lisp file and place that somewhere within your Leaf LISP libraries.
4. Include the RR_API.lisp file into the Leaf code.
5. Be sure to start RoboRealm prior to continued testing.

Note that the provided interface is not currently distributed with the Leaf software and you will have to modify Leaf code accordingly to integrate any aspect of RoboRealm within Leaf.


Once the RR_API.lisp file is included into Leaf you will have access to several API routines that can be used to access images and variables within RoboRealm. For example:

(princ (getVariables (list 'LEFT_MOTOR 'RIGHT_MOTOR)))

can be used to grab the left_motor and right_motor variables from RoboRealm into Lisp and use them within your Leaf movements.

You can also control RoboRealm to perform certain processing actions such as the RGB_Filter:

(execute "<head><RGB_Filter><min_value>40</min_value> <channel>1</channel></RGB_Filter>")

or if you are using multiple cameras you can switch to an alternate camera using

(setCamera "Logitech")

See the end of RR_API.lisp for further test routines.

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