Advantech USB-4761

The Advantech_USB4761 module provides an interface to the USB 4761 device. The USB-4761 is a relay actuator and isolated digital input module for USB bus. It provides 8 optically-isolated digital inputs and 8 relay actuators. For easy monitoring, each relay is equipped with one red LED to show its on/off status. The USB-4761ís eight optically-isolated digital input channels are ideal for digital input in noisy environments or with floating potentials.



1. Device - Select the appropriate device from the dropdown list

2. Inputs - Select or type in a variable that will reflect the value of the input channel. When the level is raised on an input pin the associated checkbox will be checked (for visual confirmation) and the selected variable will contain a value of 1

3. Outputs - You can manually click on the checkbox to switch the output relay on/off. For automatic control you can select of type in the variable that will contain a value that indicates the state of the relay. If the value selected should only be enabled when a specific bit of that value is on you can select the bit number from the provided dropdown. This allows a single value to contain the state for multiple relay channels.

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Advantech USB-4761

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