Cpu usage
17 year
i am having performance problems with the RR application. Somehow the filtering i am using limits the fps to around 12 fps .
However i noticed that roborealm still only uses about 20 % cpu time. While in can use much more.
I am using a dell optiplex 745 dual cpu machine. So CPU time should not be a problem. Sometimes i can get RR to use more cpu power by dragging some window from an other application around. This will use up more cpu time and somehow will make roborealm use more cpu as wel. At this point (rr around 30+ cpu time) it runs smoothly at 25 fps.

Anyone else had this problem and knows a way to force rr to use more cpu time?
Anonymous 17 year

When you move other applications around you are causing RR to refresh the image and artificially update the frame rate. Normally the frame rate slows due to a slow camera (untoggle the Run button and make sure you are getting about 30fps with no filters) or are running a module that slows the frame rate down. Modules that really slow things down are control modules that communicate wirelessly using bluetooth. This is not a CPU issue but a network speed issue and thus your CPU will not be doing much. While not as ideal from a visual standpoint it will not improve the situation by increasing the framerate since the robot cannot accept the commands any faster than it currently is. I.e. even if you processed at 30fps the robot could only receive commands around 12fps ...

Perhaps you can include your robo-file so that we can better check what modules you are using.

Anonymous 17 year

I have just found out that using the following file will keep the framerate above 20 . However when i add some module to keep the noise in the image down it drops down to 12 fps.  The weird thing is that with the following robo file rr uses  more then 30 % cpu time. When i add a simple mean filter this drops to around 20 % cpu time and this causes the fps to drop to 12 fps.

It is just me or is this just confusing, how can RR use less cpu time when it is suppose to use more when more modules are added ?



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