Custom Draw Lines
16 year
Hi, STeven

Is that possible to add a module that can draw lines between two point, or three points?
It is something like Hough lines. But Hough line take too much resourse and I would like to have some control of the drawings.
The idea is if I track three points, then I can forcast the next move of the object.

Thanks   Calvenn
Anonymous 16 year

Yes, this is possible but we're not exactly sure what you are asking for. From your post it seems like you are asking for a generic routine that given two or three x,y coordinates it would draw a line between those points. Or are you just asking for a quicker Hough transform like module? Perhaps you could include an example image of what you are looking at.

Are the 3 points in the image the only three points?

Anonymous 16 year

Hi, Steven

I would like to build a vision system like mobileye as show on the above link. The green lines are the imput, and the blue line is the command accumulated in next 2 seconds. there are around 20 commands( in the video clip, it can be something like forward, turn left or right etc. )  

The three points mean(object 1 , object 2 and center point). By compare these three points in two picture, if two points are match, then I can
get the trend for the third point. For example, if object 1 and 2 moved to same direction at same speed in two pics, that means camera is moving.
If object 1 moved and object 2 stays, that means object 1 is moving. In the next any giving time(0.1s), we can forcase the next location of object 1. Is that object 1 going to hit the camera? Can we do anything about ?
That is the future work.



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