IEEE 1394 Camera support
St. Anger from India  [6 posts]
16 year
I have a Sony industrial camera (IEEE-1394 standard, model: XCD-X710) which which was shipped with a National Instruments' image acquisition card (PCI-8252).
As of now the camera and the card are not supported by Roborealm. The PCI card came with DLLs which can be used to get access to the camera. Is there a way I can use these DLLs to make roborealm support the said camera?
Anonymous 16 year
Yes, there are a couple ways to make that happen. We'd recommend having a look at the RoboRealm extensions


where you can create a DLL that will be imported into RoboRealm and can be used to populate the image array from another source. If you'd like some help with that and can provide us with the DLL you mention we'd be happy to help out.

Prior to trying that we also noticed that the site talks about a "Direct show SDK" which should work directly with RoboRealm. I.e. if you can make the camera look like a directshow device RoboRealm should pick up on it and stream video.

The software must be downloaded
St. Anger from India  [6 posts]
16 year
Hi Steven,
As you suggested I did check the direct show sdk thing but the problem is that the acquisition card I am using is from National Instruments and they have there own specific drivers. To get the camera working a National Instruments' Vision Acquisition Software( infact it is a set library functions..kind of an API)  must be downloaded. Thats the only way there DLLs can work. So I am giving u the download link. The software can be downloaded for evaluation purpose and is fully documented. Kindly help me out in getting the camera work with roborealm.
The download link
St. Anger from India  [6 posts]
16 year

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