Industrial Color Cameras (USB 2.0)
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I have designed a computer vision quality inspection system for my company and I require a rugged industrial color camera. I do not require a smart camera, just a rugged color camera for image acquisition to be interfaced with a Visual C++ application on a PC (through a USB port) and preferrably with VFW APIs.

Is it possible to purchase such a camera and use it directly on the computer without a frame grabber? Can it be accessed with acquisition APIs which are normally used by software to access webcams?
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That would be a better question for a camera manufacturer. Perhaps one of the companies that produce security cameras as they often are built for rugged usage.

In terms of connecting it to a computer: if the camera says NTSC signal out then you would need a USB digitizer (which is a framegrabber but not internal to the PC) to get that signal into your computer. Most of the non-PC based cameras are NTSC out. But there are many inexpensive NTSC to USB digitizers that can convert the signal into something the computer can use.

If the camera has a USB connection in it (they will advertise this) or is know as an Internet/IP camera then you're all set with converting the signal into digital bits. Note that IP cameras are more difficult to get images from as they do not have a known standard.

From here you would need to be sure that the image can be accessed using VFW (older technique) or DirectX/DirectShow (newer, faster, but more complex) assuming you are using Windows. If you are a non-windows users things get a little harder and you will have to do a little more checking into VFL (Video for Linux) or other specific device drivers that can connect to USB imaging devices (they ARE out there).

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Thanks for the info! I'll look into the matter and post any data I've collected on it..

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