How to make a "binary black and white image"
Alex Brown from United States  [10 posts]
17 year

  I'm trying to use the shape matching function with no success.  The documentation says the training images must be "binary black and white".  I haven't been able to figure out how to generate these.  I managed to get down to 4 colors using grayscale and contrast etc, but can't get to 2.  

  I'm assuming the file format is the roborealm standard with just two colors, RGB = 255,255,255 and RGB = 0,0,0 ??? and that the training images can be cropped down to just include the desired object?  

Anonymous 17 year

Yes, by binary images we mean a two color black and white image. You can very quickly get to that type of image simply by using the threshold function and select 'Create mask' in that interface. All mask images are just two colors. White being the thing you want to analyze and black being things you want to ignore. Note that in the shape matching the object that you want to match should be in white. Also note that the shape matching is very sensitive to the object outline so you may need to use Blob->Smooth Hull before the shape matching function.

You are correct, black = RGB 0,0,0 and white = RGB 255,255,255.

Also correct, traning images should be cropped to just that part that you want to match and be a single white object in an otherwise black image.


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