RoboRealm doesn't find camera
Alex Brown from United States  [10 posts]
17 year
Hi Steven,

I've been learning how to interface to C using your sample program but something funny has happened.  At first,  when I started the sample program, RoboRealm came up and had a camera image.  After some experimenting, I started again from your unmodified sample "main" and now everytime I try to start up, it brings up a box to have me select "Video Source".  It actually brings up the box twice and then gives another box that says no vfw driver found.   But, then after closing this last box, RoboRealm comes up with the camera on it.  My other programs that use the camera seem to find it ok.   (I did restart the computer and even reinstall the camera drivers with no change)

Obviously, I can work around this for awhile with a lot of mouse clicking, but it annoying since it worked so nicely at first.  

I hope this is an easy answer for you, Thanks,
Anonymous 17 year

most likely the sample API C program includes a couple of setCamera routines that may be causing the popup issue when it doesn't find the camera specified in the sample code. i.e. comment out

rr.setCamera("CompUSA PC Camera");

in the example main.

The other possibility is RoboRealm got a misconfiguration that it now keeps looking for. To solve this start RR normally as an application. Click on the options button and select the right camera. Press ok and then exit the application (click on X in upper right corner). RoboRealm will save that camera setting for the next time it is launched by the example API routine and should not ask for camera info again unless that camera is removed.

Hope that helps.

problem solved
Alex Brown from United States  [10 posts]
17 year
Hi Steven,

    I solved the problem by adding a setCamera to my specific camera right after the the rr.open(...) and the rr.connect test.  

    The problem was occurring before it got to the two setCameras you mention, but I bet your second suggestion was it.


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