Thermal camera
17 year

Im using a very low cost webcam: SN9C201, USB 2.0

and I played with the red object tracking function.

Can this function detect heat and turn the webcam into a thermal camera instead?

This would be so cool as in making the camera detect the level of temperature of a certain object.
Anonymous 17 year
Yes, thermal detection would be great but you'll probably need a thermal imaging camera to get that initial information. Once you have the right hardware you can use RoboRealm to process the final image as typically these images are gray scale in nature. I suspect, however, that the thermal camera will be a little out of your budget. They're nice devices but a little costly.

Orin  [1 posts] 14 year
might use the IR detection circuit out of a motion detector light for the initial presence detection?
Anonymous 14 year
The sensor used in the logitech orbit af is sensitive to IR but if you really wanted it to be effective you would have to open the unit and remove the IR filter from the lens. I read that it was painted on and that author suggested scraping the painted on filter. I don't want to risk damaging it at this point.   If I ever do hack into it I will report here.  It won't be such a good visible light camera once you have permanently removed the IR filter.

Now for a question regarding the logitech orbit af.   I got it installed and ran the example red object tracking.  The tilt control output is inverted, it goes the wrong way!    Any suggestions?
Michel van de Vorst from Netherlands  [5 posts] 14 year
Even if you removed the IR-blocking filter it would still be a very poor thermal camera. The reason is that the IR-blocking filter blocks light of 650 nm - 1, 5 micron wavelength and thermal radiation for imagiging is typical in the 9 - 12 micron range. But you would see near IR reflected from trees etc.

You can simply check the effectivity of the filter by using a common remote control unit. You can probably see the LED in the camera, and in that case a small percentage of 850 nm light still gets through....
Anonymous 14 year
Yea, not sure if an IR camera would be a good thermal camera. IR cams are great for seeing in the dark (assuming an IR source is available) but they don't detect a persons heat very well.

As per the inverse Orbit direction, you will just need to swap the left and right movements. Ie when the move variable is created just switch the right and left commands in the VBScript module. If you still have problems post that robofile here and we'll take a look.


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