VBScripts under Vista
17 year
The VBS script doesn't seem to be working under Vista.

I have Vista Home premium and when I load the VBS script module it gives me an error saying that Scriptsite.dll is missing and that it should either be in the roborealm directory or the system32 folder.  It is now in both, plus I loaded the Microsoft Script Control.  Still no joy here.  I get no errors when I load it on my win2000 system

Anyone else running Vista having similar problems?  Anyone not having the same issue under vista?

Anonymous 17 year
Ok, I figured it out...

If you are using Vista Premium go to the roborealm directory and type

regsvr32 ScriptSite.dll

I will confirm tomorrow.

Anonymous 17 year
Sebastian S. from Germany  [2 posts] 17 year
I'm using Win2k and have got the same error message.

I cant copy the file to system32 because I am not administrator on my machine.

"regsvr32 ScriptSite.dll" doesn't work either - I think its the admin thing again.

So, how do I get the VBScript working, without being admin nor registering this dll ?

Since I dont have rights to write to the root directory as well, the
"Access Denied! Cannot write to '\working.robo'!"
message confuses me too, shouldn't it be ./working.robo ?
Anonymous 17 year

I thought we got that writing the the c:\ root drive in a very recent fix. Did you just download RR or are you working with a older copy?

One last thing to try ... when you right click on RoboRealm.exe do you see an option to "Run as Administrator"? We need to do that for every Vista machine we come across in order for the dll to register correctly.

Let us know how it goes ...

Sebastian S. from Germany  [2 posts] 17 year
My version was, now the working.robo is in the program dir ;)

I know the option 'Run as Admin', but I don't have the administrator password. This is my working pc and I'm not sure if my admin will register some ScriptSite.dll for me ;) I dont think so.

Isn't there any possibility to run it without administrator rights ?
What else can I do to do some more complex logic than If...else...

I thought of php somehow with excute_program, but this doesnt seem to be a nice solution...

Anonymous 17 year

I think you have an awkward situation. You'd only need to run RR as Admin once (as it will register the DLL) but without that admin password you will have to try an alternate route.

What kind of logic are you needing to perform? We have a couple different routes that you could take instead of using the VBScript module. The Extensions allow you to call many different types of programs (including VB ones) to perform your own computation inline with the image processing.


Alternatively, you can use the Write Variables to write variable information to disk for processing by other programs.


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