SetTimedVariable_ Have anynoe used it?
Denis from Puerto Rico  [2 posts]
17 year
RoboRealm Rules.

Have anyone tried the SetTimedVariable statement??

For some unexplained reason if I input a timeout value > 46 it will take forever to reset the value.

Any Ideas??
Anonymous 17 year

Can you post your robo-file and we'll check it out. The SetTimedVariable is quite new so there is a definite possibility that something may not be working very well.

SetTimedVariable Robo File
Denis from Puerto Rico  [2 posts]
17 year
It looks like I already fixed the really weird problem I mentioned before.  However, the SetTimedVariable timeout parameter its not accurate at all.  Now that I have experimented with it a little bit, it seems that the timeout takes twice the time it should.  Also, the time intervals are not consistent.  Here is a copy of the robo file, so you can check my prog flaws.  

if GetVariable("k") = 1 then
  SetVariable "k2",0
  SetTimedVariable "k2",1,5000
  SetVariable "k",0
end if

if GetVariable("k2") = 1 then

if GetVariable("COG_X") < 54 then
  SetVariable "move", 4
  SetTimedVariable "move",0,300
elseif GetVariable("COG_X") > 190 then
  SetVariable "move",8
  SetTimedVariable "move",0,300
end if

if GetVariable("COG_Y") > 190 then
  SetVariable "move", GetVariable("move") OR 2
  SetTimedVariable "move",0,300
elseif GetVariable("COG_Y") < 58 then
  SetVariable "move", GetVariable("move") OR 1
  SetTimedVariable "move",0,300
end if

SetVariable "k",1

end if

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