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17 year
I'm hoping to run RoboRealm on an 800 MHz VIA C3 Mini-ITX motherboard.  You said that your 'bucketbot' was running of a 386, so I'm guessing 40 MHz.  800 MHz should be no problem then, right?  Will I still be able to run at full resolution?  Also, is Linux (specifically Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy) supported?  

Anonymous 17 year
You should be ok with some of the more basic color processing ... but if you intend to do more complex blob or other analysis that may be a little underpowered. If you ensure that the robot has wireless connectivity then you can always unload the heavier processing to other desktop PCs.

It's hard to say much about the load since it really depends on what you're trying to do. We used just simple color processing for a 160x120 image size on the bucketbot and get about 7frames per second ... not great but usable.

I doubt you will be able to run at full resolution ... but there again I doubt you will need to. Most images contain way more information that you need for most color processing.

Unfortunately, no, we don't support Ubuntu and have no plans to support it in the immediate future.


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