API Server, missing filters
Willem Peters from Netherlands  [2 posts]
17 year
I am trying to use the Api server within my csharp program.
However when i am trying to execute my filters on the roborealm server it seems to discard some of the filters.

For example i am not able to send two RGBFilters (Diff. colors) to the server.
Also it does not seem to be able to send two markers to the server. Only the first one is received. Also the rest of the filters send after the second RGB or marker is discarded.

Anyone have any ideas?
Anonymous 17 year

We detected a problem with inserting the same module multiple times using the API execute command. Any module inserted more than once using this api call would fail on the second module.

This error has been fixed and uploaded to the website. Please download RoboRealm and try again.

Thanks for the post!

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