Flood fill...?
17 year
When I use the flood fill feature under the colour menu, it creates a solid band of colour (usually black) at the top of the image and sometimes cuts off important parts of the image...any idea why this is happening?

Anonymous 17 year
Yes, the flood fill was running out of objects. It was set to 4096 but has been upped to 65535 which should remove that black and brown bar. Can you try download RoboRealm again and see if the problem persists.

If it does, can you include the original image and we'll try to track down the issue.

Anonymous 17 year
I downloaded RoboRealm again and it still seems to do the same thing. I'm pretty sure the I had been using a version I had only downloaded yesterday anyway...

I will include the original images of the two I posted last time...but it does seem to give me the black/brown bar of colour to some extent for pretty much all images I have tried.

Anonymous 17 year
Thanks for the images ... they are a little larger than we had used to check the flood fill. Seems that the allocation needed to be even larger. We changed the allocation to dynamically expand as needed. Your images now seem to work for us. Please download RoboRealm once again (we just uploaded the fix) and see if it works better for you. Note that the fix is in v.

Anonymous 17 year
Thanks for that! The flood fill works well now. Thanks again!


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