Floor finding crash
17 year
Hi, Steve

I try to use floor finding module and COG together. But it crashed after few minutes.  It happens with rapid light condition change. like floor pattern change, turn on/off lights. Please advise am I use this module correctly or there is other way to avoid the problem.

Anonymous 17 year

Can you post your robo-file that you are using? We tried to replicate the error you mention but are not sure if we have the same configuration that you do.

Anonymous 17 year
Hi, Steven

There is the robo file.  Thanks for your help.

Anonymous 17 year

There was an issue with the COG module (as apposed to the floor finder module that we thought). We did experience the same issue that you noticed when switching from light to dark.

This has now been fixed and an update has been made. Please download ver which should contain your fix. Thanks for the bug report!

Anonymous 17 year
Thanks, STeven

It is more stable now.

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