Blob selection with mouse
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I would like to track a blob on the screen. But I would like to choose which of the blobs to track, since it cannot be done automatically with image processing.

So, I can choose blob's current location by click on it with a mouse (this works well), and it gives me the (x,y) position. Is there a way to use the (x,y) location, for RoboRealm to start tracking this specific blob?

In short: Manually specify the blob's current location so that it can start tracking it.

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Given the new MOUSE variables this is now possible. Basically you use the blob filter to remove all objects except for the nearest one to where you just clicked using the mouse. Once a blob is detected you update the variable to its COG and then use the blob_filter to filter on that going forward. It is a lot easier to do than it sounds. Basically the below script will track a random red object until you click on a red object in the image. It will then track that object until you click on another.

I think that was what you were trying to do??



Note, this new functionality is not out just yet as the update is coming in a couple hours (Mon morning).
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That sounds exactly like what I was trying to do. I havent's checked it out yet, but it sounds great.

Steven, you're the man!

Anonymous 17 year
Good to hear!

Note we just uploaded the newest version. If you download again you can try the robo-file above.


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