Anonymous 15 years
I have just purchased a Canon Minidv camcorder ZR850. I tried using it with the firewire connection but Roborealm software errors out saying  that only " RGB555, etc..  only supported ", and then crashes  and I can't restart Roborealm again, I have to rely on XP's restore utility to get Roborealm to run again . I would like to be to use your software without my ATI  video card  (i.e:  I just want to use a Firewire card with the Camera.).
Any idea what is going on ?

Anonymous 15 years
"Try holding down the CTRL key and then launch RoboRealm. This will cause the program to NOT load any of its default parameters. Note that RoboRealm stores its information in the registry and will load in a working.robo program on startup. Exiting the program will save information back into the Registry and create a working.robo program. "  (с)

Anonymous 15 years
The previous post is correct.

In order to get things working you may need to install a directx driver for your camera. RoboRealm supports some video formats natively (the most common ones) and then default to the win OS driver to convert the image to a know format that it can work with.


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