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Nick Reiser from United States  [7 posts]
16 year
I'm using my laptop's wireless card to AD-HOC to a WiPort on my robot.
Rather than implimenting TCP/IP directly, I'm instead using a program called "Lantronix COMPort Redirector", which is provided with the WiPort module.
The program creates a virtual COM port (on COM20) and feeds it the wireless data.

On HyperTerm, COM20 appears on the drop down list.
When I attempt to connect to COM20, the Redirector pops up and opens the virtual port.
I can then send to and recieve from my robot's processor with the terminal window.

However, when I attempt to connect to COM30 on the RoboRealm Serial module, COM20 is not on the list.
Is it possible that the RoboRealm software is being picky about the virtual port?

I've tried to temporarily circumvent the problem by sending the data to a VBE.NET that speaks to COM20.
But, that kind of "middle-man" programming is slowing everything up.

Any ideas?
Anonymous 16 year

We downloaded the "Lantronix COMPort Redirector" and setup a virtual COM20 and after restarting RoboRealm it would appear correctly within the serial com port dropdown. It also appeared correctly in Hyperterm as you also saw.

We tried this on WinXP ... what OS are you using. Perhaps the OS handles this differently. Let us know if it is different than WinXP and we will try to replicate the issue on that OS.

FYI, we deleted your typo posts as there is not yet any way to edit the posts. That functionality will come in due time.

Thank you
Nick Reiser from United States  [7 posts]
16 year
Thanks for the help, Steven.

My OS is Windows XP Professional.

I'm still not sure exaclty what was causing the issue.
But, since the robot is due in two weeks, I've opted to go with a simple RF transmitter through a level shifter to get the job done.
Because I'm coming from a standard DB9 port, this appears on the RoboRealm list of viable COMs as per normal.
So, everything seems to work quite well, now.

I had chosen to use the WiPort module because it allowed throughput nigh 11MBs indoors, well out of line of sight.
The original idea was to do most of the processing of the raw RoboRealm output on the robot's onboard dsPIC, which would require lots of data to be streamed rapidly.
I had fun coming up with ways to impliment drawing an environmental map from the sensor data in a microcontroller's restricted environment.
But, I've since gotten approval to do most of that processing on the PC, instead, so I'm good to go.

Thanks again for this wonderful software!

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